Thanks so much for considering playing our World Cup Predictions game. It’s designed to be straightforward and affordable, with an entry fee of just £5 and easy to understand scoring.

Russia 2018 represents the 20th anniversary of SPAGames – we organised our first predictions game for the 1998 World Cup in France, and now, in 2018 we’re presenting our first 100% online World Cup predictions game.


There are three sections to our game – Group Match Predictions, Group Winners and Pot Teams. Each of the sections are covered below. The rules are quite straightforward, but we’ve included some examples just in case.

Group Match Predictions

You need to predict the score for each of the 48 Group Stage Matches. If you correctly predict the exact score in a match, you’ll score three points. If you predict the correct outcome, like choosing the correct winning team or a draw, then you score one point. Of course, if you fail to predict the outcome correctly at all, then you’ll not score any points for that match.

Let’s take a look at some examples…

MatchPredictionActual ResultPoints Scored
Russia v Saudi Arabia1-21-10 points
Egypt v Uruguay1-02-11 point
Morocco v Iran1-11-13 points
Portugal v Spain1-00-10 points

Group Winners

Below the group match predictions, you’ll find an area in which you should predict which team you think will win each of the eight groups.

If your chosen team does win the group (or even secure runners-up) you’ll receive the following points…

Final Group PositionPoints Awarded
Winner10 points
Runner-up5 points
Outside of the top twoNil points

Pot Teams

This time, you must choose one team from each pot of eight teams. You should choose the teams that you think will progress the furthest in the tournament from each pot. The further they go, the more points you will score, right from the Group Stage to the Third/Fourth Place Play-off and Final. You’ll score points for each of your chosen four Pot teams in the following way…

Final PositionPoints Awarded
World Cup Winner30 points
Runner-up25 points
Third Place20 points
Fourth Place15 points
Losing Quarter-finalist10 points
Last 16 Loser5 points
Third in Group2 points
Bottom of GroupNil points


The cost of entry into our game is £5. All of the entry money will be returned as prizes – the organizers of the game get no profit from the entries, although we’ll be hoping that a few of you might hang around to play our Premier Predictions game come August.

If you would like to use any SPAGames credit you might have, please get in touch and we can do the necessaries.

The exact amount of prize money will be determined by the number of entries we receive. The Total Prize Fund will be split up as follows…

PositionDescriptionPrize Fund Split
WinnerThe person/people who score the most points.40%
Runner-upThe person/people with second highest overall points.25%
Third PlaceThe person/people with third highest overall points.15%
Tenth PlaceThe person/people with tenth highest overall points.10%
Group Match SectionThe person/people who score the most points in the Group Match section.10%

In the event that two or more people share the same points in a prize paying position, the prize will be split equally amongst those people.


The deadline for entries is midday on 13th June 2018. We must insist that payment is also made ahead of the deadline and we will stick to the ‘no pay, no play’ moto.

You will need to become a member of our World Cup 2018 Predictions game. You can make payment by credit/debit card, PayPal or bank transfer – take a look at the membership page for more information.

Get in Touch

If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch by email ( or text on 07814 656315.

You can see the general terms & conditions of SPAGames here.