Premier Predictions: Season Eight is Almost Here

While we’ve enjoyed an excellent World Cup in Russia, preparations for the 2018/19 edition of Premier Predictions have been underway and this is your invite to join in…

The website has had a facelift while you’ve been gone and tidied up in certain areas. Hopefully we’ll have minimal teething problems, but if you do spot anything, please let me know.

2018/19: Game 01

For the uninitiated, SPAGames Premier Predictions (SPAPP) is our main game – our bread and butter if you like. We run two Games a year – one from the start of the season until New Year and then the second from New Year until the end of the campaign in May.

The cost of entry for this  season has been held at £15 with 90% of that fee returned as prizes.

Game 01 this  season is the 15th edition of SPAPP. Craig Ellis is the defending champion, having topped the table in Game 02 of last season and collected £97.20.

There are prizes for the top three finishers, tenth place, four monthly prizes and one for the player who scores the most points in a single Round.

Here are some useful links to learn more or enter…

Enter | Rules | History | News

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