World Cup Update: The Final Countdown

After the World Cup  semi-final  disappointment of Wednesday evening, there are still four people who don’t yet know which (if any) of the top three prize paying positions they’ll end up in. We try to clear that up right here…

Chris Eastment

Worse case scenario for Chris is having to share top spot with Dave.

If England fail to beat Belgium in the Third Place Playoff on Saturday Chris will be  the outright Winner. If he hasn’t already secured top spot on Saturday afternoon, he’ll need France to win the Final to claim the £72 top prize.

Should both of those matches go against Chris, he’ll share top spot with Dave Mason and pick up (£58.50).

Dave Mason

After being a front runner for so long, the best Dave can hope for now is joint top spot with Chris, while dropping out of the top three is also a possibility!

To secure that joint top spot he’ll need France to lose the Final and England to win the Third Place Playoff.

But, if England were to lose to Belgium and France win the Final,  he would drop out of the top three altogether!

Debra Kaye

In her first foray into the world of SPAGames the worst Debra can achieve now is third spot. If England fail to beat Belgium on Saturday or if France are crowned Champions on Sunday she’ll secure Runner-up and collect £45.

In the event that England beat Belgium and France lose the final, she’ll have to settle for third place and pick up £27 instead.

Steve Keay

Steve can only make it into third place if France win the Final and England lose on Saturday.

Tenth Place

Don’t forget there’s still the possibility of winning £18 for finishing in tenth place. This prize will be shared equally between all players finishing on the same points in tenth place.

Here’s a reminder of the prize money still up for grabs…

£72.00 – Winner
£45.00 – Runner-up
£27.00 – Third
£18.00 – Tenth

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