World Cup Update: Just Two that Count

Battle of the Pot B Teams – that’s what our game has boiled down to. With all the selected Pot A teams gone, our game honours will be decided by how well England and France do in the four remaining matches of World Cup 2018.


There are six players who still hold a hope of winning money from a top three finish… Dave Mason, Chris Eastment, Debra Kaye, Jason Brown, Steve Keay and Keith West – some have a much better chance than others.

Dave Mason or Chris Eastment Will be Crowned Champions

Dave and Chris are the only two players who can still be crowned SPAGames World Cup Predictions Champion.

There are two scenarios in which Dave doesn’t win… England finish fourth and France are in the final or England are Third and France are World Champions. If France fail to beat Belgium in the first semi-final, then the worst outcome for Dave will be a shared top spot (with Chris).

If England make the final, Chris cannot be Champion. Chris will be declared our outright Winner if France finish two places better off than England.

There are also three scenarios where Dave and Chris share top spot… France beat England in the Final, France are Runners-up while England win the Third Place Playoff or France beat England in the Third Place Playoff.

Debra Kaye & Jason Brown

Debra and Jason are the only two players who could still finish as Runners-up apart from Dave or Chris. Debra needs to hope that France can beat England by two ‘positions’, while Jason needs England to finish the tournament in any position higher than France. It’s also true that Jason can only finish second or outside of the top three – first or third are not mathematically possible.

Steve Keay & Keith West

Steve or Keith can only gain third spot in one scenario each… Steve needs France to win the Final while England lose the Third Place Playoff, while the exact opposite is true for Keith.

Tenth Place

The mathematical permutations for the tenth place prize are far too complicated to work out, but remember, if two or more players have the same points in tenth then the prize money will be shared equally between those players.


Here’s a reminder of the prize money still up for grabs…

£72.00 – Winner
£45.00 – Runner-up
£27.00 – Third
£18.00 – Tenth

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