World Cup Update: Quarter-Final Line Up

Just eight more matches left of World Cup 2018 now. Eight more matches for your Pot teams to propel you in to prize winning positions… including tenth place!

Quarter-Final Line Up

The World Cup Quarter-finals will be played over Friday and Saturday (6th and 7th July). Each of the matches from now until the end of the tournament will have an effect on our league tables, which is great.

Date, Time (BST)ChannelMatch
06 July, 15:00ITVUruguay v France
06 July, 19:00BBCBrazil v Belgium
07 July, 15:00BBCSweden v England
07 July, 19:00ITVRussia v Croatia

Front Runners

Debra Kaye (currently third) is one of five players who have successfully selected four Pot teams that have made the Quarter-finals – the others are Steve Keay (5th), Neale Ray (9th), Jamie Cox and Martin Magookin.

Special mention goes to Debra though as none of her four Pot teams will play each other in the Quarter-finals, whereas the other four players mentioned are guaranteed to lose at least one of their teams ahead of the Semi-finals.

Dave Mason currently tops the table by five points, but he is guaranteed to lose one of England or Sweden. Second place Chris Eastment will also lose one of his Pot B or C teams (France or Uruguay), but would maintain Pot A Brazil if they navigate Belgium on Friday.

Jason Brown in fourth, who was looking good before the Quarter-finals, will be left with one team in the Semi’s after England play Sweden on Saturday. Steve Keaye in fifth and with possibly three Pot Teams in the Semi-finals could be a top three finisher.

Who’s Got What Left

Here’s a complete list of all players and the Pot Teams they have left. Please note this table will not update, but the League Table will.

PointsPlayerPot APot BPot CPot D
139David MasonENGSWERUS
134Chris EastmentBRAFRAURU
129Jason BrownENGSWE
126Matt CarterFRAURURUS
125Gareth BridgesFRAURU
124Darren BellamyBRAFRAURU
122Keith WestBRAENGURU
121Alex BridgesFRAURU
121Leigh HolleyBRAFRAURU
121Mark VincentBRAFRAURU
119Sharon HigginsFRAURURUS
119Paul MarsdenBRAFRAURU
119Richard GambleFRASWERUS
118Martin HaymanFRAURU
118Cynthia WestENGURU
117Damian ChapmanFRAURU
117Jemma GibbonsFRAURU
114Shaun AllenBRAFRAURU
113Craig EllisENGURURUS
110Martin MagookinBRAENGSWERUS
109Micheal HodgsonFRAURU
108Collins HarrisonFRAURU
107Simon AllenFRAURU
107Ian HodgsonENGRUS
106Derek WilsonENGSWERUS
105Thomas ThorneFRA
102George HeywardFRA
98Peter BunkerFRASWERUS
96Martin GaytonENGURU
87Ben AlcroftENGURU
82Rico-Bradley EllisENGRUS


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