Update: Pot Teams and the Knockout Phase

Now that the Group Stage is finished, we can review those first 48 matches, the Group Winners and turn our attention to the Pot Teams.

Group Match Points

Two experienced SPAGames Players will be sharing the Group Match prize of £18. Chris Eastment and Jason Brown both scored 44 points from the 48 Group matches, a decent average of 0.92 points per match – that’s pretty good.

We would normally expect the winner of Premier Predictions (our flagship game) to score a points per match average of around 0.80. The decent 0.92 could be down to an obvious gap in quality between the best and worst teams in Russia, that you don’t get as much in the English Premier League – just look at the England v Panama result!

Jason has previously been quite successful in our International Tournament games having previously been third in World Cup 2014 (£9.30) and and picking up the Tenth Place prize at EURO16 (£6.60).

Chris hasn’t previously entered any International Tournaments with SPAGames, but has been a regular Premier Predictions player for a number of years.

Top Five Group Match Players

1. Chris Eastment 44
2. Jason Brown 44
3. Alex Bridges 41
4. Sharon Higgins 39
5. David Mason 39

Group Winners

After a fallow couple of years with SPAGames Dave Mason seems to have found himself some form, built largely on his ability to predict World Cup Group Winners! The only blot on his copy book (whatever that means!) is predicting that Germany would win Group F, but then everybody else did that too , so we won’t hold that against him!

Apart from the German fiasco, he predicted every other Group Winner exactly right – the only one of our players to do so – he even got Croatia (D) and Colombia (H) correct.

Although there is no prize for being good at Group Winners, it has left him top and in a very strong position to be crowned World Cup Champion come the middle of July.

Top Five Group Winner Players

1. David Mason 70
2. Cynthia West 65
3. Darren Bellamy 65
4. Gareth Bridges 65
5. Thomas Thorne 65

Pot Teams

This is the only way points can be scored now, so if you’ve got a strong Pot Team line-up still in the competition, this is where you could get into a prize paying position.

Of the front runners, Jason Brown is the only player still running with all four Pot Teams still in tact, and even better (for him), none of them meet in the Round of 16.

He still has to make up a ten point gap to top place Dave Mason if he’s going to win the thing though, which won’t be easy, even though Dave doesn’t have a Pot A team anymore after Germany exited bottom of their group.

Top Ten Players and their Pot Teams

You can see the top ten players Pot Teams in the table below. These were the points and positions after the Group Matches had finished, but before Pot Team points had been awarded for teams making it out of the Groups.

NamePtsPot APot BPot CPot D
David Mason109---ENGSWERUS
Chris Eastment104BRAFRAURU---
Gareth Bridges103---FRAURU---
Alex Bridges101---FRAURU---
Matt Carter96---FRAURURUS
Cynthia West96---ENGURU---
Darren Bellamy94BRAFRAURU---
Thomas Thorne93---FRA------
Damian Chapman92ARGFRAURU---

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