Update: Day 14

Auf Wiedersehen Germany! On Day 14 the Germans became the first big victims in Russia, taking with them the hopes of fourteen of our players who had chosen them as their Pot A team! The twelve who selected Brazil will be feeling a bit smug I would imagine.

Group F

Everyone chose Germany as Group Winners – so there was no advantage to be gained there, but as it happened, they scored no points at all, which is the same as the number of goals they scored against the Koreans! Four out of the last five defending World Cup champions have now been knocked out at the Group stage.

Korea Republic 2-0 Germany

The first half ended goalless, a first half in which Korea only made 65 passes! Germany had the ball for pretty much the whole match but couldn’t make it count and now they’ll be on a plane home I would imagine. So that’s 14 players who have waved goodbye to their Pot A team and probably any chance they had of securing a win in SPAGames World Cup Predictions.

Mexico 0-3 Sweden

After a goalless first half, Sweden took the Mexicans apart in the second half. Just eight single points were scored in SPAGames, not changing the overall table very much at all!

Group E

Everyone bar Jason Brown chose Brazil to be Group Winners – he went with Switzerland. For a while it was looking like it might have stolen him a march on everyone else, but it wasn’t to be.

Serbia 0-2 Brazil

A goal in each half was enough to see Brazil top Group E. Serbia had ten minutes where they were on top early in the second half, but they couldn’t make it count. Everyone bar Ben Alcroft, Keith West and Shaun Allen scored at least one point for this game. Five people bagged all three points, including Matt Carter who is suddenly up to equal fourth overall.

Switzerland 2-2 Costa Rica

Having not even scored a goal in their first two fixtures, Costa Rica ultimately put paid to any hopes that Switzerland may have had of topping the Group. Only Debra Kaye was able to rack up three points from this game – everyone else scored one or nil in equal measure.

In the Round of 16 Brazil will now face Mexico and Sweden will take on Switzerland.

Just four matches left in the race to win the Group Matches prize (£18.00) now – keep your eye on that on the League Tables page.

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