Update: Days Ten and Eleven

All teams have played two group matches each now – that’s 32 down from 48 in the Group Phase. Some teams are already out, while some still have it all to play for in the final round of matches over the next four days – points and positions are about to start changing quite dramatically!

There were six matches this weekend, including England’s 6-1 hammering of Panama and Germany scraping an injury time winner against Sweden to keep their hopes alive.

As far as SPAGames World Cup Predictions go, Debra Kaye, Gareth Bridges and Martin Hayman are the three best scorers of the weekend, netting ten points a piece from six matches (1.67 points per match).

Over the next four days (Monday to Thursday) all eight Groups will be completed. I’ll obviously be updating the match results, but I’ll also be completing the Group Winner information as each Group is completed. You’ll start to see the Pot Team points changing as countries fates become apparent as well – league positions are really about to start changing quite quickly.

You can see how the points work again in the Rules.

Top Ten Scores of Day 10 & 11

1. Debra Kaye 10
2. Gareth Bridges 10
3. Martin Hayman 10
4. Martin Magookin 8
5. Micheal Hodgson 8
6. Chris Eastment 8
7. David Mason 8
8. Mark Vincent 8
9. Alex Bridges 7
10. Damian Chapman 7

Overall Positions after Day 11

1. Chris Eastment 33
2. Damian Chapman 32
3. Ian Hodgson 31
4. Jason Brown 31
5. Sharon Higgins 29
6. Martin Hayman 29
7. Alex Bridges 28
8. Gareth Bridges 28
9. Simon Allen 28
10. George Heyward 27