Update: Day Eight

The run of low scoring matches has continued aplenty today – that’s six matches in-a-row (and two whole days) with two or fewer goals!

Denmark 1-1 Australia was just the fourth draw of the tournament. It secured three points for six players and a single point for further six players. Both teams can still make it through to the knock-out phase.

Somehow, our leader at the time, Sharon Higgins, had managed not to provide a prediction for the France v Peru match. A dour 1-0 win for the French secured them a place in the Second Round and Jemma Gibbons the only three pointer from the match. I’m sure Jemma will have been watching avidly from her hotel in Mauritius on her honeymoon!
The result also ensured Peru will be taking no further part in Russia 2018 after the Group Stage, much to the irritation of no-one playing SPAGames World Cup Predictions!

How Argentina v Croatia was scoreless at half-time in the evening match is beyond me, but it was – maybe the low-scoring curse was in affect? Croatia went on to deservedly win 3-0. Nobody in SPAGames will be happy with scoring nil points, but many seemed to be happy with the abject rubbishness (definitely a word!) of the Argentinians. They now need a miracle to make it out of Group D.

27 players have Argentina to win Group D. Not only that, but Damian Chapman and Derek Wilson both have them as their Pot A Team – good luck with that fellas!

Overall Positions after Day 8

1. Chris Eastment 22
2. Sharon Higgins 22
3. George Heyward 21
4. Ian Hodgson 21
5. Jason Brown 20
6. Simon Allen 20
7. Craig Ellis 19
8. Alex Bridges 18
9. Damian Chapman 18
10. Darren Bellamy 17