Update: Day Seven

If you like tight, 1-0 results, then day Seven of the 2018 World Cup was the place for you! All three of today’s matches ended 1-0.

Firstly Portugal ensured that Morocco can’t progress past the Group Stages, despite having their final Group Match to play. Micheal Hodgson will be particularly disappointed with that – he’s the only player to have chosen Morocco as his Pot D team!

The teatime match saw Uruguay eventually see off Saudi Arabia by a single goal to nil. It was also the match that saw Sharon Higgins become the first player to reach 20 points.
Nobody in SPAGames will shed a tear over the early demise of the Saudi’s – they were not selected at all as Group Winners or as a Pot D team.¬†Uruguay however, are the most selected Team in Pot C – they will be making an appearance in Round Two.

The final match of the day saw Spain dominate Iran with 70% possession. Every one of our players secured a single point, changing absolutely nothing in our table and leaving Sharon Higgins as our over night leader. Iran could still progress to the knockout phase with a win in their final Group Match against Portugal.

Martin Gayton scored an impressive seven points from today’s three matches. The only match he didn’t call exactly was the evening match – he had Spain to win 2-0. Regardless, he more than doubled his total score having only six points before today!

Don’t forget there’s a separate prize for the most points scored in the Group Match Predictions – take a look at our pre-tournament ‘update‘ for more info.

Top Ten Scores of Day 7

1. Martin Gayton 7
2. Darren Bellamy 5
3. Jason Brown 5
4. Keith West 5
5. Leigh Holley 5
6. Sharon Higgins 5
7. Alex Bridges 3
8. Chris Eastment 3
9. Collins Harrison 3
10. Craig Ellis 3

Overall Positions after Day 7

1. Sharon Higgins 21
2. Ian Hodgson 20
3. Jason Brown 19
4. Simon Allen 19
5. Chris Eastment 18
6. George Heyward 17
7. Craig Ellis 17
8. Damian Chapman 17
9. Darren Bellamy 16
10. Cynthia West 16