Update: Day Six

So that’s the end of the first Group matches, and actually, Russia and Egypt have played two Group matches now, after which it looks as though Mo Salah will be going home once Egypt have played Saudi Arabia in their final Group match.
The big winner of the last two days is Sharon Higgins who picked up nine points from six matches – the kind of form which has lifted her into third place.

The current SPAGames Premier Predictions Champion, Craig Ellis, picked up eight points of his own and moved menacingly into sixth place overall.

The first red card of Russia 2018 came in Japan’s 2-1 victory over Colombia – a match in which only eight points was scored from 35 predictions.

Our game’s early pace-setters have slowed down and now it’s all getting pretty bunched up with just five points covering the top 14 places!

Don’t forget there’s a separate prize for the most points scored in the Group Match Predictions – take a look at our pre-tournament ‘update‘ for more info.

The first match of the second group matches (Russia 3-1 Egypt) was played this evening. Russia are as good as through to next round while Egypt are all but out, barring some freak results. Nine Players have chosen Egypt as their Pot D team.

Top Ten Scores of Days 5 & 6

1. Sharon Higgins 9
2. Craig Ellis 8
3. Alex Bridges 7
4. Collins Harrison 7
5. Jemma Gibbons 7
6. Mark Vincent 7
7. Jamie Cox 7
8. Chris Eastment 6
9. Cynthia West 6
10. Ian Hodgson 6

Overall Positions after Day 6

1. Ian Hodgson 17
2. Sharon Higgins 16
3. Simon Allen 16
4. Chris Eastment 15
5. George Heyward 15
6. Craig Ellis 14
7. Damian Chapman 14
8. Jason Brown 14
9. Cynthia West 13
10. Collins Harrison 12