Update: Day Four

The first weekend of the World Cup could have had a large impact on players futures in the game as two of the hot favourite teams slip up. 

The defending champions, Germany, slipped to a 1-0 defeat against Mexico, while Brazil were held to a 1-1 draw by Switzerland.

While absolutely nobody saw the Germany defeat coming in their predictions, Ian Hodgson and Jason Brown absolutely did call the 1-1 draw between Brazil and Mexico, picking up three points a piece and some top four action along the way.

The big winner of the weekend though was Chris Eastment who did all his best work on Saturday picking up 7 points from those three games. Despite not scoring any points at all on Sunday, he was still the top scorer for the weekend.

With Germany and Brazil stumbling, that throws into some doubt the likelihood of them winning their groups. In Brazil’s Group E only Jason Brown doesn’t have Brazil to win the Group – he’s plumped for Switzerland. While in Germany’s Group (F) everyone has opted for the Germans!

When you consider the number of people who have chosen one of these two favourites as their Pot A Team as well (25 out of 35), you start to understand how yesterday could have handed a little advantage to the players with the more unusual predictions.

Top Ten Scores of Days 3 & 4

1. Ian Hodgson 8
2. Jason Brown 8
3. Simon Allen 8
4. Chris Eastment 7
5. George Heyward 7
6. Shaun Allen 6
7. Thomas Thorne 6
8. Darren Bellamy 5
9. Gareth Bridges 5
10. Martin Hayman 5

Overall Positions after Day 4

1. Simon Allen 13
2. Ian Hodgson 11
3. George Heyward 10
4. Jason Brown 10
5. Matt Carter 10
6. Chris Eastment 9
7. Damian Chapman 9
8. Gareth Bridges 8
9. Shaun Allen 8
10. Steve Keay 8