Update: Day Two

Damian Chapman and Matt Carter are the early pacesetters after two days and four matches.

Damian and Matt have scored at least one point in each of the opening four matches of the tournament – both scored an exact (three points) for the Morocco 0-1 Iran match and a single point in the other three. Cynthia West was the only other person to score three points for the Morocco – Iran match and sits in fourth place after Day Two (on four points).

Portugal and Spain served up some pretty entertaining stuff in their 3-3 draw this evening. It’s unclear whether Craig Ellis and Peter Bunker will feel the same as both had Spain marked down for a 3-2 victory, which was definitely on until Cristiano Ronaldo stepped up and scored a free kick at the World Cup at his 45th attempt in the 88th minute!

I think we also need to save a thought for Leigh Holley, who has managed to avoid scoring any points at all in the first two days of Russia 2018! Maybe tomorrow will be his day, with four matches being played from before lunchtime until late evening.

Top Five Scores of Day Two

1. Damian Chapman 5
2. Matt Carter 5
3. Simon Allen 4
4. Cynthia West 3
5. George Heyward 3