Players, Prizes and Useful Stuff

The design, prep and building started in January, the advertising kicked-off in earnest at the start of May and now the game is closed to new entries… it’s the eve of World Cup 2018 – just how well did the creation and promotion of our game go?

There are certainly cheaper games to play and there are more involved games to play, so I had no right to expect anyone to play our game, but if you’re reading this, then there’s a very good chance you did decide to play, and I thank you for that.


We have 36 entries, which is pretty healthy I think – for EURO16, we mustered just 22. Those 36 entries have created a Prize Fund of £180, which will be split across five different ways of winning – you can see the exact split further down.

Of those 36 players, twenty played our last edition of Premier Predictions, 3 are players returning having played one of our games before and a very creditable 13 are brand new to SPAGames.

Prize Fund

Every penny of your entry fees will be turned into prizes and split as follows…

£72.00 – Winner
£45.00 – Runner-up
£27.00 – Third
£18.00 – Tenth
£18.00 – Most Points in Group Match Predictions

Useful Info

I’m sure you’ll want to be checking the League tables on a regular basis. On that page you can see the overall positions as well as how you compare on each of the different sections – Group Matches, Group Winners and Pot Teams. Make sure you add a shortcut on your favourite device.

It might be useful to have a quick look through the Rules to see that you understand everything before the action really starts to get going.

Once the deadline for predictions passes (midday 14th May), you’ll be able to see all the predictions everyone else has made. Also, once the deadline has passed, no predictions can be altered.

There’s a Facebook Chat Group that you might want to join. If you’re not already in it and would like to be included, be sure to Contact Us.

In the interest of kindness, if anyone has been unable to enter their predictions on time, we will provide a full refund of their entry fee – it’s only a game after all and nobody wants to spend money on nothing! Therefore it may well be that the prize fund reduces – I’ll keep you all informed if it does.